Cannabis Can Fight Antibiotic Resistance

The problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has evolved over the past few decades from worrying to downright ominous. Both overprescription by physicians and misuse by people are to blame for this. Contrary to popular belief, taking antibiotics when they are not necessary does nothing but hasten the emergence of resistance. Additionally, efforts to create new antibiotics have stopped in research. Fortunately, research indicates that cannabis may help us combat antibiotic resistance!

Significant global threat
Dr. Margaret Chan, the head of the World Health Organization, declared in 2016 that antibiotic resistance is becoming into a “serious global issue.” Each year, it appears that both the death rate and infection rate are rising.

Fight Antibiotic Resistance with Cannabis

Cannabis contains antibiotic properties in several of its non-psychoactive cannabinoids (medicinal components). Back in the 1950’s, Sativa strains showed promising signs as an antiseptic, but scientists were unable to figure out exactly which components were responsible for helping.

Fortunately, recent studies have been extremely promising, however, researchers aren’t quite sure why cannabinoid antibiotics work. They’re also not sure how reliable they’d be, long-term.

CBD as an Antibiotic

This non-psychoactive cannabinoid has proven itself to be effective in treating 2, quite unusual strains of MRSA. This has caused scientists to further examine how cannabis antibiotics work. They also believe that they may work in the body differently than traditional antibiotics.

Antibiotic Use of CBG, CBN, and CBC
Cannabinoid antibiotics, according to researchers, will work better if they contain just non-psychoactive ingredients. All of CBG, CBN, and CBC have the potential to be antibacterial. From whole plant hemp extracts, researchers may be able to create an all-encompassing antibiotic based on cannabis.

THC’s potential as an antibiotic
THC was often disregarded, but recent studies have shown that it may effectively cure staphylococcus and streptococcus. Furthermore, the E Coli bacteria were successfully fought off by whole plant sativa oil.