Growing hemp using the SOG method

Growing hemp using the SOG method

Sea Of Green, or SOG for short, is one of the methods of increasing marijuana yields that is actively used by growers and commercial growers around the world. With its help, you can get an increased amount of harvest with a minimum number of planted cannabis bushes. It is ideal for those gardeners who have problems with the height of their growbox but still have sufficient horizontal plane to grow a large number of small plants. It is not known by whom and when this method was invented, but there is no doubt about the resourcefulness of the creator.

The essence of the “Sea of ​​Greens” method
The SOG Yield Enhancement Technique is one of the most effective ways to grow cannabis in areas with limited vertical space, which allows you to get more finished product in a short period of time. Its essence is to create the maximum possible number of clones from one hemp bush that is in the growing season. They are planted in separate pots, which are placed very close to each other, filling all the free horizontal space. The result is a semblance of a dense green carpet, which gardeners began to associate with the sea surface, hence the name of this method. After rooting, clones are immediately transferred to the flowering stage, which contributes to their rapid development. They all begin to grow at the same rate, resulting in their tops being at the same distance from the light source.

The SOG method involves growing exclusively marijuana clones. This is due to the fact that only with their help it is possible to make all plants have the same age, development rate, phenotype and immunity. If you germinate bushes from seeds, then they will develop unevenly, which will bring many inconveniences to the gardener.

Cannabis cultivation using the SOG method

Initially, the grower must grow a mother plant, which (important!) Must be photoperiodic. It is worth waiting until it reaches the required size so that the required number of clones can be cut from it. As a rule, 30 to 40 clone plants are placed per 1 m2 of cultivation area.

They are given time to accelerate by maintaining a light regime of 18/6 for several days. When they begin to grow, they are immediately transferred to the flowering stage by changing the light setting to 12/12. As a result, clones begin to develop rapidly, quickly forming one large central bump and several small branches in the upper part. Their height usually reaches 25-60 cm.

Depending on the genetics of the cultivar, it will take 2 to 3 months for clones to be ready to harvest. Their total yield will certainly be several times greater than the productivity of one mother plant.

Why are clones growing so rapidly?

After the clone’s light mode changes to 12/12, it begins to think that winter is coming soon. Its natural defense mechanism is triggered, which activates the genetic program for the preservation of the genus. But since the clone is still too small to enter the flowering stage and begin to form seeds, it begins to actively synthesize growth hormones. As a result of the effect of apical dominance inherent in cannabis at the genetic level, the plant rapidly pulls up the central stem without developing secondary shoots. It gains the minimum required height for the transition to flowering, and begins to actively form inflorescences.

Pros of the Sea Of Green method
The horizontal space of the growbox is 100% utilized;
The grower is harvesting significantly more than the mother plant would produce;
Suitable for short grow boxes;
The grower gets a harvest faster than growing bushes from seeds;
The grower does not need to wait for the cannabis to go through the growing season;
Since the plant quickly goes through its life path, the likelihood of cannabis infection with mold, fungi and diseases is significantly reduced;
Grover saves his finances by purchasing seeds;
There is no need for individual care for each bush, since clones develop synchronously;
Due to the same growth, the clones receive a uniform amount of light, which brings the efficiency of the light source to almost 100%.
Cons of the SOG method
Grover will definitely have to grow a solid mother bush;
Only clones can be grown by this method;
You need to be able to clone cannabis;
When planting a large number of clones, the gardener will have to put a lot of physical effort;
Novice gardeners will definitely experience difficulties with this method;
The grower will have to fork out for a large number of clone pots;
The gardener will not be able to take care of each plant separately;
If the growing process gets out of control, then the growbox can turn into a real jungle.