Hemp Seeds in Medicine

Hemp Seeds in Medicine

Cannabis seeds have long been used in folk medicine as a rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and healing agent. They can be made into a brew, crushed, ground and mashed. Hemp seeds are added to salads, sauces, baked goods and cocktails. They are used to make healing hemp oil and milk. They are applied to sore spots, drunk in tinctures, and simply eaten by the spoonful. And all this in order to make the most of the unique properties of this amazing plant and medical marijuana card nyc https://dr-weedy.com/new-york/.

What is contained in the seeds of marijuana:

Amino acids and proteins
Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids in an ideal ratio of 3:1 for human digestion.
Vitamins K, A, B, D, E
Resins and oils
Trace elements-potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium
Hemp oil is the most nutrient-rich of all. It contains more than 75% of balanced fatty acids, something almost unheard of among plants, only in seafood. As a cleansing and strengthening agent, hemp oil is taken in the form of an alcoholic tincture.

The oil is used in cosmetology when a deep cleansing of the skin and a powerful stimulation of new cell growth is needed. It is also used to treat burns. Mixing hemp oil with salt, you get an excellent remedy for parasites. With the addition of honey you can treat blisters. Combine the oil and potato starch, and you get an ointment for eye diseases.

What else can hemp seeds help:

You can use them to make your memory better and to prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
You can use them to lose excess weight. The method is very simple – eat a spoonful or two of cannabis seeds for breakfast and your appetite is gone.
With their help, you can keep your heart healthy. The balanced fatty acids contained in cannabis seeds lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, clean the arteries and help the heart to work better.
They are used to make a miracle oil that has been used for centuries to improve and cleanse the skin. Hemp milk with honey is a great rejuvenator.
With their help get rid of dry hair and make them shiny and voluminous. For this purpose, a decoction of hemp seeds is prepared to rinse the hair.
You can easily use them to help with digestion. The fiber in cannabis seeds cleanses and revitalizes the digestive tract.
You can use them to heal your rheumatism and relieve pain. This is done by preparing a warm compress or a bath with scalded cannabis seeds.
With their help you can restore lactation. To do this, you need to grind cannabis seeds with water.
They can be used to relieve swelling by putting boiled and thoroughly crushed cannabis seeds on them.

This list could go on and on. Hemp seeds were used to treat conjunctivitis and blepharitis, dropsy and scrofula, urethritis, nephritis, urogenital and prostate diseases, cystitis and prostatitis, nervous exhaustion, neurosis and impotence, bronchitis and insomnia, boils, furuncles, blisters, diapers and abrasions, etc.

As you can see, the scope of application of these unique plants is huge! And for the application of cannabis seeds to be not only effective, but also harmless, follow the dosage carefully.