Top 5 varieties of monsters!

Top 5 varieties of monsters!

The genetics of cannabis can work wonders, and then incredible huge plants appear in the skillful hands of breeders, giving gigantic yields. And if you reinforce these qualities with appropriate care, the result will exceed all your expectations.

We bring to your attention five of the largest and most productive varieties of cannabis, which experienced growers call nothing but “monsters” – for their enormous growth, gigantic potential and highest productivity.

1. First is Jack Herer from Green House Seeds, which is known as the finest cannabis in the world. It is a feminized, high-yielding, indica-dominant variety that has won numerous competitions and festivals.

The variety got its name in honor of the famous figure of the world anti-prohibitionist movement Jack Herer, who is considered one of the most authoritative authors writing about cannabis. Its genetics are based on varieties such as NL5, Haze and Red Skunk.

Features of the Jack Herer variety:
suitable for all methods and methods of cannabis cultivation – from SOG and ScrOG to hydroponics and shows consistently high results regardless of the choice of method;
the yield reaches 1.2 kg of cones per plant;
its taste is reminiscent of a mixture of hot peppers, spices and fruit cocktails;
has a powerful psychotropic effect, invigorates and gives strength;
suitable for therapeutic use as a pain reliever and appetite stimulant (article Benefits of THC)
2. Secondly, Big Bud from Sensi Seeds can grow to huge sizes. It is also known for producing incredibly large inflorescences (its name is translated as “big buds”). The variety is easy to care for, any beginner can handle it, and the harvest will delight you!

Due to its desire for big growth and giant yields, this fast growing indica dominant strain with skunk genetics won the HLC in 2004 and came second in the HLC in 2002.

Features of the Big Bud variety:
it has a large resin production;
lends itself easily to growth control techniques;
possesses medical qualities, can help with asthma, gastric disorders and anorexia;
it tastes like hashish;
the effect is mainly bodily, relaxing, but with mild euphoria.
3. Thirdly, Agent Orange from TGA Subcool Seeds can also be called a “hemp monster”. It is a balanced indica / sativa hybrid with an incredible orange flavor and aroma that produces huge yields both indoors and outdoors.

Features of the Agent Orange variety:
its buds are very large and fragrant, usually bright green with bright orange villi;
cheers up, gives a feeling of boundless happiness and euphoria;
suitable for eliminating symptoms of depression, helps with fatigue, stress and anxiety, relieves headaches.
4. Fourthly, it is almost completely covered with THC crystals “white” Crystal from Gmk Seeds. It was created by breeding legendary strains such as Northern Lights and White Widow.

Features of the Crystal variety:
the highest productivity – up to 700-800 grams per plant;
good adaptability to open ground;
high percentage of THC;
the impact is strong, fast, mental;
taste and aroma resemble sweet mint candies;
can be used for medical purposes.
5. And topping our top five “hemp monsters” is Heavy Duty Fruity from T.H. Seeds. He is often referred to as the “monster” for his huge colas that can surprise even experienced growers. The variety is unpretentious and suitable for growing by beginners.

Features of the Heavy Duty Fruity variety:
strong pungent odor during growth, careful air filtration will be required;
considered one of the most productive indoor varieties;
produces an invigorating effect and gives a feeling of happiness;
is a medical grade and can help with anxiety, arthritis, and stomach upsets.