Why cannabis seeds die

Since cannabis seeds are metabolically living material, their germination is highly dependent not only on genetics, but also on environmental factors. There are several reasons why cannabis seeds can die and fail to germinate. Among them:

Initially poor seed quality;
Improper storage conditions for cannabis seeds and rhode island medical card https://dr-weedy.com/rhode-island/;
Improperly organized germination conditions.
Let’s look at each of these points in more detail.

First, the reason cannabis seeds do not germinate may be their poor quality. Unfortunately, not all producers fear for their reputation and sell a good quality product. It also happens that in the hands of the grower seeds are deliberately spoiled – infected, immature or, on the contrary, overripe. Such seeds are not suitable for cultivation, and all that remains in such a case is to meekly get rid of them. Often “sick” seeds are easy to identify by their appearance: they are whitish-transparent or have a greenish-yellow color, and there is no healthy contrasting pattern on them. To avoid such unpleasantness and to be sure of the quality of the seeds, it is better to buy them in reliable stores.

Seeds can also be damaged during transportation. In that case, there is only one thing you can do: buy cannabis seeds from a trusted seller with a good reputation. The really good stores do not sacrifice the trust of their customers, providing only quality seeds and a secure packaging to protect the seeds from environmental influences. It is worth mentioning that really good cidbanks have an established quality control system, which means that they are willing to take responsibility for their goods and reimburse low-quality seeds that have not germinated.

Second, seeds can go bad because of improper storage conditions. If you have cannabis seeds, but decide not to germinate them all at once, you need to learn how to store them properly. To ensure that the seeds will not be damaged, you need to keep them in good conditions, in a cool temperature without sudden changes and low humidity. A place for storage is better to choose a dark place, inaccessible to sunlight. A good temperature for storing cannabis seeds is between 4 and 8°C, and not humidity higher than 9%, which is why a good place to keep them is a freezer at home. The seeds should first be placed in a foil-lined zip bag or homemade roll of foil, and then in an airtight, and preferably glass, container. To maintain a stable moisture level, it is recommended to place silico gel in a 1:5 ratio (1 ball of silico gel per 5 seeds) in the container with the seeds. “Frozen” cannabis seeds do not lose their vitality and can be stored in this state for up to 3 years, after which they successfully germinate.

Third, the seeds can also die at the hands of the grower. There are a number of mistakes that growers make directly in the germination process. There are quite a few ways to sprout cannabis seeds, but the most common are sprouting in damp matter (cotton disks, gauze, sponges) and sprouting directly in soil. Some of the most common mistakes made by the grower include:

Insufficient moisture. This occurs if the cloth in which the seeds germinate was too dry or did not adhere tightly enough to the seeds. This does not mean that the cannabis seeds have to sink into the water. It is enough if the germination material is just wet and does not dry out until the seeds have sprouted. In the case of sprouting into the soil, it’s the same story. Seeds will not show a root if the soil contains insufficient moisture for their development.
Excess moisture. As the main provocateur of fungus, excessive moisture can also contribute to the death of seeds. From excessive moisture, they can simply rot;
Too deep seeding. You have to understand that cannabis seeds are fragile organisms, and that they will have a hard time breaking through a thick layer of soil. You should never plant the seeds deeper than 2.5 cm, otherwise they will not have enough air and therefore enough energy to reach the surface. The optimal depth for sowing cannabis seeds is 1 cm.
Poor quality water for irrigation. Water must be clean, without additives and high chlorine content. The recommended pH is 6.5;
Improper soil:
Soil with a fungal infection. It happens that the fungus is present in the soil originally. It is better to reassure yourself and use pre-sterilized soil;
Soil that is too dense, through which the seeds do not get the right dose of water and oxygen and subsequently suffocate;
Soil that is too loose, causing too much air to form around the seed and the moisture it needs to evaporate;
Soil with the wrong pH or too much fertilizer also has an adverse effect on seed development. It is best to use clean material as a germination medium, more on how to prepare the soil for growing cannabis.

Regarding temperature and humidity, it is best to germinate the seeds in an enclosed space with a room temperature (23-25 C°) and humidity of ±50%. These are conditions found in almost every average apartment, so you don’t have to get fancy or get especially crafty.